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Scandinavian Spa


As landscape architects, the spa in nature constitutes an experience of abandonment and temporary withdrawal from reality. At the Scandinavian Mont-Tremblant, it was imperative to create this atmosphere that takes the visitor far from his daily concerns and into an immersive natural and relaxing environment.

In this rugged and rocky site representative of the Laurentian forest, the project proposes an authentic approach where the proximity of water, river, waterfall or lake, is a preponderant element. From the reception area, water flows subtly from a fountain on several levels. Spread around this emerging “river”, with variable and carefully chosen altimetry, the various pavilions stand out and create a succession of spa spaces (rest gardens) that are visually subtracted from each other. Felt by the sounds of the waterfalls that cover the ambient noise, this design includes particularly well framed and varied views, although oriented towards the interior of the  site.