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Iona Monahan Plaza


The development of the public square, located at the intersection of Chabanel and Esplanade streets in the heart of the fashion district, is part of the detailed planning of the area. The plan aims to improve the quality of the living environment in the sector and to encourage public and private investment. The space is part of a project to revitalize the neighborhood which includes the widening of sidewalks to integrate plantation and furniture. A median was built in the center of Chabanel Street to integrate rainwater retention gardens.

The concept is intended as a historical awakening of the spirit of the neighborhood which was once an industrial district and an important pole of the field of fashion. Inspired by the frames of buildings, the concept allows the insertion of vegetation, furniture and an aquatic element. The iconic fountain is connected to a water harvesting system to irrigate the plantations. The light ribbon that takes up the weft on the ground is placed above the furniture. In the center of the square there is a clear space for holding rallies or shows. The unique street furniture welcomes the workers of the area during dinner time as well as the residents of the area in the evening.

Collaboration : CS DESIGN