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Design Montréal Competition

Finalist team in collaboration with Latéral.

Parvies is the materialization of the importance of the Paroisse-Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours in the social history of the neighborhood. Inspired by the façade of the old Church, our proposal is structured around four major interventions.


The installation of a longitudinal pergola projects the facade of the steeple from the forecourt to the rue de Biencourt and delineates the community band. In addition to evoking the cultural and social heritage of the neighborhood, the intervention contributes to the visitor’s experience through punctual frames that vary according to the positioning of the visitor in the space. Thus, by evoking the Paroisse-Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours, we are highlighting the neighborhood’s rich heritage by creating a strong identity unique to the sector.


Through a topographic delimitation and a hierarchy of traffic, the site is transformed into a safe place for pedestrians, cyclists and cars. A one-way traffic lane is maintained and creates a safe pedestrian-friendly living and circulation area, enhancing the on-site experience.


By its simplicity, fluidity and adaptability, the public space on the rue de Biencourt offers favorable conditions for contemplation, walking, holding events or even the occasional pedestrianization of the street. . The central space is cleared so as to place the citizen at the heart of the urban dynamic and transform the place into a meeting and gathering place for the community.


In order to reintroduce nature into living spaces related to the urban context, we propose to create a planted interface for citizens. By planting an inclined flowerbed, the visitor is invited to interact with the space. A lateral densification of the trees frames the rue de Biencourt and allows integration with the surrounding built environment.