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Le Massif


In the heart of Charlevoix, one of the most beautiful regions in Quebec, the Massif project aims to create an ecotourism development focused on winter sports whose main concern is respect for the spirit of the mountains. The mandate proposed by the Eximm Development Corporation inc. on behalf of the Massif de Charlevoix, the master plan for the development of the mountain in its entirety. Projet Paysage, in collaboration with ABCP Architecture, has developed the vision of a unique project for an exceptional site.

The master plan aims at achieving an ecotourism ensemble, based on the discovery and experience of the natural environment. In harmony with its region, the Massif project incorporates distinctive residential areas: the ridge overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the foothills below the mountain. Several infrastructures are under construction and some are completed, such as the commissioning of the train linking Quebec to Charlevoix.

The project will offer a wide range of typology of housing: hotels, residential condominiums, forest houses and houses-rivers. The integration of a variety of activities desired by the developer was  implemented to allow the enjoyment of the beauty of the site while preserving its natural characteristics.