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Chateau Bonne-entente Hotel


Projet Paysage has been involved in all phases related to the redevelopment of the gardens surrounding this renowned hotel in the Quebec City region. More than a simple redevelopment, this project brought a complete transformation of the site and the experience offered to the guests. Among our interventions are the design of the swimming pools and spa areas, the redevelopment of the arrival at the hotel, the creation of the Urbania area and its landing stage. We have also redeveloped the natural pond and its upper basin by connecting them with a spectacular fall.

The areas of the pool and the Amerispa are particularly remarkable for the richness of the materials used and their formal languages. The curvilinear shape of the pool creates private subspaces surrounded by generous plantations while its walls are dotted with jets of water that animate its surface. The spa and pool are crowned by a natural stone border that adds to the quality of these achievements.