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Paul-Mercier Library


Project realized as part of a competition in architecture in which Projet Paysage was part of the winning team. The team provided services in architecture, design, engineering as well as general contracting.

Our proposal is sober, letting the personality of the future library emerge while responding to the flow of traffic in the city. The outdoor facilities are an extension of the interior spaces.On the corner, a square serves as a meeting point leading to a parallel sidewalk punctuated by a pool of water, a terrace and a garden containing works of art. This path offers a first contact with the interior spaces of the library and gives the users, a foretaste of the various activities of the library. The large forecourt leads directly to the rue de la Mairie and the landing stage, and finally comes to greet the users in front of the main entrance. In the southeast corner, the news lounge extends onto a terrace that enjoys the morning sun.